The CEO's Fabulous Ex-Wife

The CEO's Fabulous Ex-Wife


Lucia Love Romance

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When Zora was sick during the early days of her pregnancy, Ezrah was with his first love, Piper. When Zora got into an accident and called Ezrah, he said he was busy, when in actual fact, he was buying shoes for Piper.
Zora lost her baby because of the accident, and throughout her stay at the hospital, Ezrah never showed up. She already knew that he didn’t love her, but that was the last straw for the camel’s back, and her fragile heart could not take it anymore.
When Ezrah arrived home a few days after Zora was discharged from the hospital, he no longer met the woman who always greeted him with a smile and cared for him. Zora stood at the top of the stairs and yelled with a cold expression,
“Good news, Ezrah! Our baby died in a car accident. There is nothing between us anymore, so let's get a divorce.”
The man who claimed not to have any feelings for Zora, being cold and distant towards her, and having asked her for a divorce twice, instantly panicked.


Tags: love-trianglecontract marriageHEheir/heiressdramamysterylosercityaddicted to love
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Please Zora, just this once

Michelle was tired. All she needed was enough rest for tomorrow.

There were still about twelve scenes to be shot in Miami, some of which would require her stunt double, but all the same, she was not ready for Ezrah’s jokes.

“Ezrah, I’m not going anywhere with you.” Her voice was stern as she turned to leave, but his urgent voice s……


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