Centuries Of Sin: Book II (Mature)

Centuries Of Sin: Book II (Mature)


Sara Yardley Steamy Stories

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Frequent mature scenes. Sequel to Centuries of Sin - this blurb and chapter one contain major spoilers for the final chapter of the first book.

The threat of the Mutant plan has finally been resolved, but at what cost? Sawyer and his pack must face the formidable pack he was once destined to lead, and deal with the consequences of their deal with Tobias.


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Elizabeth watched in horror as the young sandy-haired man tried his best to square up to Sawyer.
The group of teens was used to people hurrying away from them when they started to harass them; they had never tried to bother anyone who stood a chance at fighting back.
The staff at the gas station had been instructed to turn a blind eye to t……