My friend is a 'Demon?'

My friend is a 'Demon?'


Katherine Scarlett YA&Teenfiction

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I guess you all must have heard about demons , those who exists in games and humans imaginations .
But don't be mistaken those really exist , our imaginations can also take form and those give birth to the ones we call demons .

Demons , hearing that word gives us thrill down our spines . Long long ago humans and demons had fought with each other for survival on this earth .

In that fierce fight , Demons have lost because of the commander of the demon's Lucifer had betrayed them and had sided with the humans as a result human have won and taken control of the world .

NOW many years have passed and humans are living in peace after the demons have gone demons retreated their forces and have left the human world ,

Many years have passed after that , most of the people have even forgotten about the demons .

This is the modern time , where demons like things people don't believe in now . People now think of them as imaginary things which had only existed in folklores .

This story is based on the Demon's who have long gone from this world . They not only have shifted into another world their legacy still exists .

What happens , when a demon child comes into this world by mistake and tries to blend in the human world , what if that child is here to take the humans to their own world or is here to take over the human world ?

Read the adventure of human and demons , how they get along and the image humans have of demons are they really the same or not let's find out on this journey .


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