The billionaire's lost love

The billionaire's lost love


Jeanre Putter Romance

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He left. No words of goodbye, no note on the pillow to explain why he left. Nothing. I refuse to be the girl that runs after the Rich, sexy guy that broke her heart. If he wants me, he knows where to find me, but I won't be waiting around for him to realize what he lost.

I walked away without a second thought. I thought I was doing what was best, protecting my heart, but it doesn't matter where I go or what I do, I am constantly reminded of her. Is having her worth the risk of losing her? Will I be able to walk away a second time?


Tags: second chancedramastraightambitiouswittyrealistic earthStary Writing Academy III
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My nerves are at its end. I couldn't sleep last night, my mind going over every possible way today could go and it is f*****g with my head. Will I be seeing him today? How will I react? Will I scream at him, tell him to f**k off or will I be calm and collected? Or will I break down and cry, beg him to just f*****g hold me……


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