His Disguised Mate - Burgov Series II

His Disguised Mate - Burgov Series II


Joann Pole Romance

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Ilia grew into the role that was assigned to him at the young age of 15. From an angry prankster and troublemaker he turned into… well, older troublemaker and a guy who grabs all the joys life has to offer. He's popular among the ladies and he's known for his partying lifestyle. He knows he only live once, and he's on the mission to squeeze his life to the fullest. To his brother and Alpha annoyance.

Things start to get complicated for the young Gamma, when the one thing he didn't want stumbles into the Harvest Moon Pack, and he greatly misjudges the battered girl disguised as a boy and makes a promise to get rid of her as soon as she heals her wounds.

But what a surprise it would be, when a girl who was barely alive yesterday turned out to be a firecracker that not only isn't afraid of intimidating Gamma, but calls him up on his every bullshit.

However, the couple as well matched as tornado and volcano, will have to face even bigger issues than two dominant personalities, when the layers of Autie's past, she wasn't even aware of, comes to light.


Tags: fatedbadboybadgirlbxgmysterywerewolvespackDreame Love Story Contest
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Epilogue - Octavia

Three years later.

I knocked on Vanya's office door and went in right after. He was on the phone with someone but he waved me over anyway.

"Yes, she just came in. Good talking with you too, Gentlemen. I'll see you next week at Stacy's ceremony." - Vanya said and he handed the phone to me with a smile - " Your Father wants to t……


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