Alpha's sweet obsession

Alpha's sweet obsession

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Aimee 17 years old and have three siblings. She lives with her mother and two of her siblings. Her father moved away when she was 3 years old after he found his mate in his birth pack where he is beta. Her oldest brother and her father are werewolves. Her brother Raymond is working for criminals. Aimee is abused every day by her mother and her mom’s boyfriend. On Aimee’s 18th birthday she’ll find out if she’s a werewolf but she hope she’s not. Aimee don’t want a mate. It’s the most horrific thought that she would have to tell anyone of her abuse. She feels broken and believes she doesn’t deserves love or a mate but at the same time she desperately wants to be loved.
Zachary is a werewolf and his father is the current Alpha of the pack. Zachary is the CEO of their family business Shaw Architecture and Construction in New York. Zachary and his beta Marc run an off the books illegal business and that the current Alpha Jack don’t know about. Zachary have been searching for his mate but haven’t found her yet. He’s been restless for years. Zachary is 26 years old. Usually wolves find their mates after the 18th birthday. It’s become an obsession to find her. He spends every night with different women as a distraction from the emptiness he feels without his mate and that’s how he got a reputation of the one-nightstand king that never beds a woman twice.


Tags: alphapossessivefatedmatebadboygoodgirlwerewolvescitypackabuse
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Chapter 8

Chapter 8
Zach POV
As I left Aimee on the bed sleeping I felt an unease to leave her but at the same time I have never felt at peace and calmness that I feel now. I’m so happy I found her, it really was love at first sight. I feel that Ash are calm collected and still fierce but I already feel she brings the best out of bot……


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