The Complete Parsina Saga

The Complete Parsina Saga


Stephen Goldin Fantasy

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This boxed set comprises all four novels of the Arabian Nights-style Parsina Saga. Impoverished storyteller Jafar al-Sharif and his daughter Selima incur the wrath of the world's mightiest wizard, starting them on a long and dangerous journey through an exotic world of djinni, undersea cities, flying carpets, and demons in their attempt to save humanity from the powers of evil.


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Cari’s eyes were filling with tears. “But I—”

“GO!” Jafar said sternly, extending his arm and pointing away from him. With a trace of a sob, Cari vanished.

Jafar began trembling, and Leila placed an arm about his shoulders. “That could not have been easy for you,” she said.

“It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do,” h……