The Spikatur Cycle

The Spikatur Cycle


Alan Burt Akers Science Fiction

370 reads

Four hundred light years from Earth, Kregen is a marvelous world, peopled by wonderful beings, filled with light and clamor and furor of life lived to the hilt. But Kregen has its darker side, where horror and terror bind innocent people, where sorceries rend reason, where injustice denies light.The Spikatur Cycle brings Prescot closer to the realization of many of his dreams. He is determined to do what he feels is laid upon him; but he finds it is not so easy, particularly when the Empress Delia and his comrades are determined to keep him out of trouble. But, he is Dray Prescot, Lord of Strombor and Krozair of Zy, and that canny old leem hunter will not be prevented from buckling up the brave old scarlet breechclout and hurtling off beneath the Moons of Kregen into fresh headlong adventure with a sword in his fist...

Containing the four novels:

Beasts of Antares

Rebel of Antares

Legions of Antares

Allies of AntaresThis book contains a glossary of the Spikatur cycle.


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[1] na: The word “na” in Kregish for “of” carries connotations of higher rank than the other common word for “of” — “ti” — and is used more of provinces and cities rather than towns or estates. A.B.A.

[2] ob: one. shebov: seven. zan: ten.

[3] “Kyr” is conferred by the emperor, “Tyr” by a high ranking noble. Koter is Va……


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