VR MMO God: Starting New Game is Easy!!!

VR MMO God: Starting New Game is Easy!!!


Bobbayee Fantasy

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When the VR System take over the world, Many games was made. But none of that game is as good as the VR MMORPG game called 'Eclipse Online'.
Eclipse Online is a brand new Game that just launched in Earth. But the hype is real! With What seems to be Infinite world and It's own Time System. Many people were intrigued by this brand new Game.
With Floor System to reach new Area, It have a bunch of Rare Jobs that no one ever found and legendary items and dungeon that people can explore!
One player, called 'OneSec' is a legendary figure in the game community. He was the strongest player that ever touch any game.
And today. He have Quest. To Reach Number one in the new game that have a lot of hype!


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