The Chaos Wars

The Chaos Wars


Chaotic Sunshine Fantasy

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Second book in the Chaos Chronicles

Jamie is the reincarnation of the Moon Child, the daughter of Moon Goddess and Sun God. Her powers of wild and elemental magic are awakening within her. Which is good, as the forces of darkness are growing.
Jamie must learn to take her powers to the next level by becoming a weaver and overcoming her blindness. Only then can fight her ex -werewolf lover and the Empress of Chaos.
With the help of her two mates, her guardians and her friends, Jamie must over come the forces of darkness in the mortal world before it is too late.
This book is free, like the first book in the series: His only reward.


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Chapter 33: Arrangements

4 weeks ago

King’s Study

“Dam it Dion! Where are they?” King Stephan said crashing his fists down on the table. The King had every right to be worried, they were losing battles hand over fist at the moment. The new hybrid soldiers were causing havoc and major casualties. He was barely hanging on to the boarder.

“I don’t know my……