My Dracula System: Rise Of The Vampire  Overlord

My Dracula System: Rise Of The Vampire Overlord


1st Manga KING Fantasy

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“I love Vampires!!!”



“But it was those very vampires that killed my family.”

A boy, who loved stories of vampires throughout his life, found his family dead at the hands of a single vampire.

Though he survived somehow, his cry wasn’t heard by anyone. They didn’t believe his story as no one knew that Vampires really did exist!

‘Revenge, I want revenge!’

His thoughts were fixated on the word revenge as he wanted to kill all those vampires. But little did he know that he was also their target as he was a human too just like others.



‘No... I can’t die...’


[ Congratulation ]

[ You have acquired ‘The Dracula System ]


Join me in this amazing adventure if you love tales about vampires and a novel with system element!


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationsystemdominantpowerfulbxgvampiresupernature earthfaceslappingweak to strong
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--->1] Mental Defense Lv.1

----> A skill that allows the user to suppress the abnormal rise of emotions.

----> Turns emotions into a rage if needed.

----> Protects the user from charms and illusions.