Evolution Island: Kill to Survive

Evolution Island: Kill to Survive


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What would you do if you suddenly found yourself trapped inside your favorite VR game? Aaron Smith, a 21 year old college student, is in for a shocking new gaming experience when his consciousness merges with his gaming avatar. Trapped in the world of Evolution Island, he quickly realizes everything has changed in this game. The NPCs have developed real human emotions and have become self-aware. In this dangerous new world, he must kill to survive. The only way for his character to become stronger is by killing and devouring other creatures. Only by becoming the Apex Predator and conquering the island, can he return to his own world. But, things aren’t going to be easy, as a rogue game developer will do his best to prevent Aaron from succeeding.

Enjoy a fully immersive gaming experience with a variety of unique biomes, different types of enemies and a dynamic weather system. Journey along and visit 4 unique islands, each with its own hostile environment and dangerous enemies. If you like skill combos and powerful abilities, then this is the perfect game for you. Read on to see how Aaron Smith- a Pyromancer, teams up with Zachary Finch, an Aquamancer, to take on the challenges of Evolution Island.


Tags: systemstudentmysterystraightlosergame playermagical worldMMORPGweak to strong
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