Xianxia: System!! I just want to return home, becoming invincible is an accident

Xianxia: System!! I just want to return home, becoming invincible is an accident


Aurora Ryan Fantasy

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Lin Manman is the youngest scientiest in the world to obtain a PhD and is transmigrated to a cultivation society. Taken to the Nothern Vermillion sect, as the only disciple on one of the Thirteen peaks. He is taken by the sword fairy as a disciple due to his looks and also to avoid being nagged by the sect leader.

On the sword peak he and the sword fairy Yao are the only individuals and once he obtains the system, it only strengthens his resolve to go back home on earth.

He had a good relationship with his family, as the only child, woryojg that his absense might end up causing them to suffer, he uses some of the novel basic knowledge he learned and scientific knowledge to improve not only his strenth but find a way home. Join him on his adventure to Earth...


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationsystemspacemysterystraightgeniusswordsman/swordswomanmultiversewarweak to strong
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Way back home

He thus chose to refer to the world as the source world.

At the same time, his dantian had a divine sea filled with source energy.

Once source energy was incorporated into attacks it indeed proved very formidable.

Taking advantage of the situation he started to look through various ideas and eventually focused on deve……


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