Apocalypse Fighter

Apocalypse Fighter


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Apocalypse fell and mutant creatures dominated, nearly killing every human being in this world.

Richard was no exception.

He struggled for a hard life for his wife and son but ended up dying reluctantly in despair.

But then he found himself waking up in hospital just 7 days before the doomsday.

And this time he swore to grasp and make the best of this chance to change the future!

He was determined to fight his way out of hell and conquer the world!

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Tags: time-travelsecond chancebravebossanother worldsupernaturalspecial abilitycrimewarweak to strong
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Chapter 139 Barbara Lorry



Jerome was pissed off. The way Anthony talked was so confident. Besides, Anthony stood alone on the bridge as if none of Jerome’s followers could fight against him.

“How dare you say that? I will kill you! I swear! I will fight with you! You will regret what you said!”

“I like him! Leave him to me!……