60 days of survival on a remote island

60 days of survival on a remote island


Katherine Scarlett Game

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Fredric Lancelot , a genius programmer has programmed a new game after 20 years of shut in his home it is called sixty days of survival on a remote island . Many young fellows are hooked on this game lately , but there are some rumor lately that whoever play this game don't come back to life . Our main protagonist also is a victim of this game . He's a eighteen year old genius gamer , and a NEET cause he dropped out of school when he was in high school .


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Rebecca and Eric had gotten back to their hideout. Rebecca poured him some tea onto cup. '' Have these if you like '' she said. Eric glared at her and then threw the cup away onto the ground. Rebecca was shocked. She crouched down to pick up the pieces of the cup from the ground.

'' Are you angry because you could not take your rev……