Quantum Leap - Vol. 2 Exile Island (formerly Till Death Do Us Part)

Quantum Leap - Vol. 2 Exile Island (formerly Till Death Do Us Part)


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"Kenzo... your good friend had already committed suicide just because she cannot bear some hardship along the way. Tchick... Tchick... Tchick... She should have listened to me first as I explain that the dog collar around everyone's neck would activate a small explosive if it is tampered. Hahahaha...!"

Sam Mulder, had successfully transmigrated and exchanged body with one of the Japanese student was thrown into a state of despair as he found himself in the wilderness which he was not familiar with.

"I've got to find the rest of my friends and regroup so that we can get out of this Goddammed forsaken jungle as soon as we can." Sam Mulder, known as Kenzo right now was thinking aloud as he trudges on in the forest as he cooked up a plan on how to overcome this predicament.


Tags: adventuredarkreincarnation/transmigrationbody exchange/body swapbravestudentbxgkickinganother worldweak to strongWriting Academy
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C022 The Leap

When I finally opened my eyes, I was in a darkened environment. The same feeling as the one when I had made a successful Quantum Leap in the past body of Bo. Right now, it seemed that I did not manage to change Kenzo's fate or destiny unless Kenzo suffered a massive heart attack and succumbed to the sudden ailment.

I looked arou……