Darcingtowne Wolves: The Flower Moon Games (Book 2)

Darcingtowne Wolves: The Flower Moon Games (Book 2)


Gwendolyn Friend Paranormal Urban

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No matter what anyone tells you, being a mateless werewolf blows.

No one knows this better than Carrie Prym, Delta of The Misfits, who has spent the last five years waiting for her fated mate to come. Tired of being alone, and ready to get down and dirty, she attends one of the city's largest Haze Parties. Unfortunately, before she can even finish her first drink, she ends up getting knocked out and kidnapped by a man who works for the mysterious underground supernatural group known as the WIC Company.

When Carrie wakes up, she's forced to compete with a veritable harem of other she-wolves in the infamous Flower Moon Games, a now outlawed series of challenges that mateless ranked wolves would set in order to test the worthiness of potential she-wolf partners.

Knowing that her survival depends on her ability to not just out-fight, but out-think her competition, and desperate not to end up with a chosen mate when she feels her true mate is still out there, Carrie tries her best to remain in the middle of the pack - hoping against hope that her packmates find her before she draws too much attention or has to make choices that she'll regret the rest of her life.


Tags: fatedgoodgirldramabxghumorouswerewolvessupernature earthABOsupernaturalvirginESCAPING - Suspense/Thriller Writing Contest 1
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The growl that rumbled from the back of Sebastian’s throat might not have been the kind of growl that would strike fear into the heart of the three obscenely powerful wolves currently posturing before him, but it did manage to draw their attention. Marco turned at the sound, blinking in surprise as he took in Sebastian’s quavering form. Rafae……


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