Pregnant at 16: Whitney's journey.

Pregnant at 16: Whitney's journey.


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What do I gain? The story follows the life of Whitney; A young teenager who was brought up by a single mother, after the death of her father. Mrs Newborn; Whitney's mom, single—handedly sent her to the most expensive college in LA ( Los Angeles) California, where they reside.
On Whitney's arrival to WA, she met Houston: the hottest guy in Whitehall, who explained the rules and regulations of the school to her before she departed to her class.
Entering her class, she meets with Williams, the smartest boy in her class and instantly falls for him. This love at first sight was from both. Whitney and Will fell for each other and became a couple. They also help Houston to unite with his love; Phyna.
After so many parties, romance and intimacy, Whitney became pregnant after she forgot to take her contraceptive pills, following Phyna's words " One cannot get pregnant with just one night of unprotected penetration" Whitney's mother found out and was disappointed but later accepted Whitney and her unborn baby.
Will, on the other hand, also accepted Whitney and her baby and everyone was happy and joyful. Until a decision was made to stop Whitney's schooling since it's going to be too much on her coupled with her pregnancy. Whitney agreed to stop her school while Will and the couples ( Phyna and Houston) were coming to visit her regularly until the turn of events.
Will saw a girl named Cynthia, and this started his dislike for Whitney. Will lost interest in Whitney after getting her pregnant and followed Cynthia.
Whitney was devastated but remained strong due to the comfort she got from Houston, Phyna, Annabelle and her mother who were on her side.
One day, Whitney and Phyna decided to visit the park, and this was the beginning of another realm of happiness for Whitney. Jayden, who was also at the park, fell in love with a pregnant teenager at first sight, not minding the situation. Phyna noticed this and let Whitney know but she opposed it.
After having so much fun in the park, Whitney also started experiencing labour pains and was taken to the hospital with the help of Jayden.
Jayden was with them all through and Will didn't even show up until later.
Whitney gave birth to a bouncing baby girl who was just as beautiful as she is.
After her deliverance, Whitney was diagnosed with Septicemia also known as sepsis, which led to her not being able to do anything or go to school for years. Read the story to know how Whitney survived and also for more intriguing and romantic scenes.


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After three years, Whitney was done with her studies; she started receiving job offers even before she graduated from the university.

I am so glad; today is Whitney's graduation, Phyna said, trying to keep Houston awake. Don't sleep, please, so that we won't miss the speech.

Alright, I won't sleep, said Houston, standing up f……


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