His Obsession

His Obsession


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She wrapped her arm’s on my neck, as I caress her face. Her lips taste like vanilla, the sweetest of em’ all. I ravished her mouth as she opens it for me. I tasted every inch of it, tongue to tongue we fight for dominance. I stop to give her time to breathe, but as I let go of her lips she gave a very soft moan that made me want her more.
I can feel my erection throbbing, wanting to pump and explode. I rub my thing into her clit, and watch her reaction as my hard c**k brush her sensitivity. Very slowly, I open the lip of her V with my fingers. She’s so wet and ready, but I won’t take her now. Not just yet.
I led her hand into my c**k, letting her play it. Her touch says that she never done this before, and that made my stomach itch in a weird way. As I discover her every secret it makes me want her more. I can feel that she’s trying, trying to make me feel good, trying to play with my thing.
Then she suddenly stops, and push me. I was taken aback, in surprise, she bends down and take the shaft of my c**k in her lips. That and I lost myself in the sea of intoxication. She sucks my c**k, taking it half on her mouth. I let out a loud moan as she moves her tongue ide, sucking and licking me at the same time.
As my liquid starts to fight for freedom, I grab her hair, pulling my c**k out. I spread my seeds on her bare body, I watch as it flows freely in beeen her chest. It was the most amazing scene I ever saw.


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Chapter XXI - Books

-Esme POV-

How far can the secrets goes with these family?

I never though of being tangled on this.

They have so much power. Power that they can't use because of there current status.

Now I think thing's are really though for my Taylor.
He may have so many on his shoulder. 

I though it was just me……