Domineering Alpha

Domineering Alpha


Sunshine Princess Romance

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Dominic Russel is the cruelest, most powerful alpha there is. He has the largest werewolf turf in the world and is a prominent businessman in society, on one rainy night he comes across a dying woman.
Deciding whether to let her die or help her, he chooses to do at least one good thing in his life as he was celebrating the anniversary of the day he killed his father.
After saving the girl, she catches his attention,Natalie Simone has a lot of secrets.
As the story continues, evil schemes, twists against Dominic are uncovered, and the only woman he thought he formed an attachment to isn't who says she is but a weapon, a tool to be used against him.
Just who is Natalie Simone? And who is responsible for all this?


Tags: revengealphadominantdramabxgwerewolvespacksecretsmultiple personality
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21: Office Make out

Sitting in front of him like that was so intimidating. My heart kept beating and my hands were sweating. I glanced back at Adeline several times, but why, I didn't know. The room was awfully silent as both the siblings looked at me.

I wiped my sweaty hands against my fabric. I scolded myself as to why am always this dumb in his presence. I……


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