Love out of Hate

Love out of Hate


LydiaHides Suspense/Thriller

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"NO!" Why can't he understand that no matter what I won't forgive him for killing my husband. Regardless of what we both now feel. I am more mad at myself now for having feelings for him. I know that if I had met him first, if I could have saved him from the trauma he endured and the mind control he was under then we would have been the ones married to each other. I stormed away as Grayson called after me to, I didn't care that we were in the middle of a mission. I was done, I needed space. I couldn't look at him right now. "Lana" Tyler was trying to get my attention in my ear piece, I was on my way up to where he was posted. "Lana, we can't be doing this right now, get back to Grayson we have to finish this please." I couldn't though, how can I try to save the world while falling in love with the man I promised to kill?


Tags: adventurespy/agentHEbxgmysterygeniussuperpowerwarmusclebearsurrender
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Chapter 11

Lana's POV

It has been two weeks since we started our meetings with Tony and Sally. The corporation has ramped up its attacks and have been taking out full cities at this point. We were at a loss. It was our third weekly dinner at Tony's and the kids were getting more comfortable around them. Sally had opened up her ……


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