The Preacher’s Girl

The Preacher’s Girl


kayd LGBT+

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Falling In love is a drag. Don\'t.

If anyone had told playgirl, Cara Davids that she would find herself in love three months ago, she would probably would have laughed it off.
How did the stranger from a one night stand intrigue her so much and became something more?
Her name was Allison moon and she was the preacher\'s girl

"Hey pretty, want some company?" she drawled.
"I don\'t know, are you some company?" She replied, leaning forward and resting her jaw on her hands
Cara grinned and mirrored her move "So tell me, who comes into a bar and drinks only coke?"

The answer was her doom.


Tags: one-night standbadgirldramabxggxghumorousfemale leadsmall townfriends with benefitsseductive
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