The Mafia Boss's Sex Maid

The Mafia Boss's Sex Maid


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" Please Sir don't kill him, please! " Lilly begged for her worthless brother's life.

" That bastard stole from me and then ran off, he wasn't man enough to face me and instead left his sister as collateral and did a runner..he clearly doesn't give a f**k about you, he knows I can kill you or worse and yet you beg for his worthless life .. why? " Stefan asked starring at the beauty in front of him that made his c**k stir as anger radiated in his tone.

Lilly flinched from his aggressive tone and with tears streaking her porcelain skin and her natural rosy red lips quivering she replied simply in a whisper " because he's my brother. He may not be a good one but he's still family and he's all I have left...please.. please sir don't kill him."

Stefan looked at her, even dressed modestly without an inch of skin seductively showing he could still see her killer curves and he wanted her more than he's ever wanted anything in his life.

" Okay .. I won't kill him if you agree to be my maid for one year," Stefan said lustfully.

Lilly was no stranger to hard work she could do any manual labor he wanted for a year if it saved Jason's life she thought " Okay.. I can do any job you need doing I am a hard worker ."

Stefan laughed cruelly " Oh no angel I don't want you as a domestic worker.. you will be my personal s*x maid and you will full-fill any desire I have.. ANYTHING .. or your brother dies."

Lilly gasped in shock.

s*x Maid? But she was a virgin... could she agree to save Jason's life?


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