Bear Cabin

Bear Cabin


Heather Rosenberg Paranormal

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Heather is a recently divorced mother of two is taking a vacation away from everybody. She ends up renting cabin in Colorado owned by the strongest werebear pack. She is unaware of them being anything but human until the Alpha takes an interest in her. Will she freak out when she finds out he isn't human? Will he reject her when he finds out she has kids with another man?


Tags: alphadominantomegasingle motherlunabear/werebearwerewolvesvampirefemale leadpack
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Chapter 24

Before Sebastian could reply Sophia walked in and looked at both of her boys. “What the hell is going on? A maid mind linked me from the hallway saying I was needed up here. Are you ok Heather?” She crossed her arms and it reminded me of all the trouble I used to get in as a kid. I laughed lightly into Sebastian’s shoulder and then got louder an……