Dear Stepsister, We Are Your Mates

Dear Stepsister, We Are Your Mates


Blessings Ezekiel Fantasy

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I have never watched people having s*x, let alone two hot twins having s*x together in a room.

Entranced by the scene before me, I lost track of time until one of the twins caught sight of me and startled.

“Damn it!” he exclaimed, and my eyes widened in shock.

“You…" His words trailed off as I bolted away, fleeing to my room in a panic. With trembling hands, I locked the door behind me and pressed my back against it while trying to catch my breath.

I knew I had landed myself in big trouble.

Bella's life is shaken when her mother remarries. She is suddenly the daughter of an unknown man, as well as the sister to twin alphas who hate her and her mother to the core. They threatened her, scolded her, and did whatever they could to kick her out of the house. But will the tables turn when they find out she is their mate? Absolutely, She is never a forgiving wolf. The alphas have sighted their mate, and they are not letting go. Even if they have to chain her down, she will be theirs. And there's nothing anyone can do about it, not even Bella.


Tags: alphalove-triangleHEpowerfultragedybxgpackmultiple personality
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Bella's POV

I looked at the twins, who couldn’t look my way. Their eyes were fixed on Tina as she made her declaration. Marriage! Why did I feel so affected by the thought of them getting married to her? Why was there this feeling of dread in my chest as she made her demands known? Of course, she was carrying their bab……


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