Whispers of the Sea

Whispers of the Sea


Brianna Marie Romance

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**This book has scenes depicting s****l assault, violence, infidelity, heavy drinking, child abandonment, mention of emotional child abuse, and the death of a parent.**Ten years have passed, but the flame of their unfinished love story still flickers in their hearts. Tillie Pierce, an ambitious career woman, thrived and conquered the world, yet deep down, she always wondered about the path not taken with Jake Armstrong—the "one that got away." Fate finally intervenes when Tillie's father's passing gifts her a bittersweet chance at closure and a newfound opportunity for love. Beneath the golden sun-kissed beaches of a tranquil North Carolina coastal town, Tillie and Jake's destinies entwine once more, merging like the meeting of river and sea. Yet, amidst their beautiful reunion, the deep currents of their past rise to the surface, carrying secrets that threaten to capsize their second chance at love. Will Tillie and Jake summon the strength to confront these trials together, or will their love ultimately recede like the ocean's relentless tide?


Tags: HEsecond chancedramasmall town
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Epilogue - Part Three

**Tillie Cont’d”

“Tillie, you may recite your vows to Jake,” Pastor Michael says, my heart racing as I nod in response.

“Jake, I choose you as my husband every day and I will spend the rest of my life choosing you. I will love you not only with my words but with my actions too. I will laugh with you, cry with you, scream with ……


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