The alpha's rejected bride

The alpha's rejected bride


Sunshine Princess Romance

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" You are not a wolf, I can never be with someone as weak as you," Josh sneers.
Tears are streaming down my cheeks, I shake my head and go closer to him but he growls and I flinch.
" Please don't do this," I cry loudly, they are both looking at me with nothing but disgust.
" just get out," Josh says and I'm shocked, I've loved this man for five years and he betrays me like this.
" or jump a bridge, even better!" my best friend adds.
I watch the two make out heavily and I turn on my heel, running and crying.

Lucy is the alpha's daughter of the pride pack yet she is wolf-less.
She is seen as unfit to lead.
The pack elders choose a groom of powerful blood to lead by her side but on their wedding day, she finds him cheating with her best friend, without any shame, Josh spits and rejects her instantly.
Broken and unloved, she runs away from the pack and attempts to end her life.
Just when Lucy thinks it's over, the crown prince of werewolves, Rayan Altamonte, saves her
She vows to go back, stronger and better to take back her pack
Will Lucy get her revenge or seek happiness?


Tags: alphaplayboydominantkickass heroinepowerfulprincedramabxgpackrejected
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Anaiah Ross was abused and mistreated by members of her pack after she killed someone on her first shift, and her alpha mate, Amos, rejected and threw her in the dungeon making her heart shatter to pieces, she later accepts his rejection and on her eighteenth birthday, she finds a second chance mate ……


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