Seducing The Disgraced Alpha

Seducing The Disgraced Alpha


Memexico LGBT+

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Nothing can go wrong, or that's what he thinks. Being a young wolf who just took after his deceased Alpha. Dess have only one important mission in life, and that's to protect his people.

Things were going according to plans until the Alpha of the fiery pack made a sudden appearance with an ultimatum. It's either Alpha Dess submits the Alpha position to him, or he wipes the entire pack out.

Left with no choice but to do as requested, all for the sake of his people, Alpha Dess gives up his title to the Alpha of the fiery pack.

He plans to find ways to overpower the new Alpha and take back what rightly belongs to him.

Like Always, things don't seem to go as planned, fate has another sick joke up its sleeves.

The new Alpha has a plan up his sleeves, and that's to seduce the disgraced Alpha.

The Tamer becomes the Tamed.


Tags: revengedarkfatedmatearrogantwerewolvessupernature earthmxmturning gayhumiliatedDreame Love Story Contest
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