Pokémon Obsidian/Opal a Pokémon fan fiction

Pokémon Obsidian/Opal a Pokémon fan fiction


MVS_stories Fanfiction

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This is a dual sided story that follows Viper, the protagonist and lover of all Pokémon, and Reaper, the anti-hero and Rival to Viper, but not necessarily the antagonist. We start out in Hoenn, but we eventually end up in the Grecia region(Greece), where the Pokédruids are having trouble with Arceus’s partner who helped create everything.


Tags: adventurefatedconfidenthumorousmysteryPokemonmagical worldbetrayalself discoverweak to strong
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Act- 3 Chapter- 10 Part 2

“Indeed, but the Dex did say it reveals itself to pure-hearted trainers…so that means you must have a pure heart,” Leila states standing up and handing Setsei to me.

“Yeah, I don’t know about that, but I wonder what it did to Hinoté,” I admit crouching down and looking at Hinoté, and he chirps happily, but nothing seems to be different, “I……


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