Stephen Goldin Romance

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Blasphemous...highly offensive...and VERY funny! Meeting Polly is an adventure where you’ll discover: why snowmen can’t dance; a scene from a previously unseen Marx Brothers movie; the Three Laws of Thermodynamics; and the secret of the universe. Oh, and also the recipe for the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Just remember: Nothing's ever hopeless unless you lose all hope.


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Scene 6-3

Polly leaned forward in her seat and looked straight into Herodotus’s face. “I mean, think of it. You might be a proud parent who doesn’t mind tying your four-year-old kid’s shoes for him. But when that kid turns forty and still demands you tie his shoelaces, it gets tiresome. You sorta wish he’d learn to do things for himself and leave you alon……


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