A Night With A Mafia Boss (Season 1): The Lost Heiress

A Night With A Mafia Boss (Season 1): The Lost Heiress


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Maiccah Antarah Parker came from a filthy rich family. An incident knocks her life up. The protection that her parents gave to her was suicidal. She didn't know that she ended up having amnesia after the accident when she was a child.

Until one hot steamy night, she slept with a stranger.

That stranger was no other than Asher Kyle Yeager - ranked one as the mafia boss in underground society - and Antarah's boss. She didn't know that she actually had sex with her boss! She found out but it was already too late.

Asher was being paranoid of Antarah's true identity and it creeps the shit out of him. Seems like, he already knew her. He asked some questions to Antarah and the woman answered him doubtless. He was not satisfied with Antarah's answers so he commanded one of his men to dig some pieces of information about Antarah.

When he already knows who the 'real' Antarah is, his heart skipped a beat. The woman she bedded one of those magical nights was his childhood sweetheart.


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Antarah's POV

"Ran at Ron bumaba kayo diyan sa railings baka mahulog kayo. Juskong bata kayo baba na. Isa!"sabi ko sa kambal kong lalaki.

Goodness ang titigas ng ulo ng mga batang ito! Lord, kunin niyo na ako!

"Later mommy, can't you see? We're enjoying it"sab……