Rejected by The Dragon King, Accepted by The Alpha Twins

Rejected by The Dragon King, Accepted by The Alpha Twins


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Olivia Ford, 19 yo, had to be heartbroken when Jayden Heart, 25 yo, broke off their engagement. Unbeknownst to Olivia, Jayden has been having an affair with Shellina, the beautiful, mysterious woman.
Jayden is so heartless after breaking off the engagement. Jayden also banishes Olivia from the Bloomingheart kingdom.
Olivia was forced to leave her homeland. Olivia\'s suffering had not ended when the soldiers from the Bloomingheart kingdom wanted to kill her.
Olivia is hurt and wants revenge on Jayden. She tried to escape and asked for help from The Alpha Twins, Blake and Danzel Stones. The notorious and heartless Alpha Twins.
Will The Alpha Twins grant Olivia\'s request on condition of becoming their sèx slave? Whereas Jayden, The Dragon king, wants Olivia back for some reason.
Will Olivia continue her revenge after being trapped in the complicated relationship between The Alpha Twins and The Dragon King?
Olivia\'s life fulfilled with love, hate, and revenge.


Tags: HEopposites attractshifterdramacampus
Latest Updated
Chapter 36 - Danger

"You'd better get a rest, Olivia." Emma felt sorry for seeing Olivia pacing around, waiting for Blake to return.

"How can I rest if Blake isn't back yet." Olivia is afraid that Blake is in danger. Their relationship has just improved, but they must separate from the situation.

"Okay, I have to rest……


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