Jade Darcy and the Zen Pirates

Jade Darcy and the Zen Pirates


Stephen Goldin Science Fiction

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While visiting the planet Restaapa, Jade Darcy and her employer, Megan Cafferty,discover that world is in the process of choosing a new heir to the throne. The candidates hatch plots against anyone they see as a danger to their victory. Each will go to any extreme, even murder, to assure his election. Jade has the difficult task of restoring order to Restaapa as well as protecting her own life.


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Chapter 21: Peaches Jubilee-3

Jade and Megan took the hint and excused themselves, walking back out into the courtyard. The events of the past hour had allowed Jade to distance herself enough from the emotions of yesterday that she could talk to Megan again. “Well, at least this worked out well for the Furgatos. They get to be the official religion for at least a year, and o……