Silhouette of Yesterday

Silhouette of Yesterday


jplungub06 Romance

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This is a story about coming out of a teenage boy named Dylan. This story revolves on the acceptance and how the truth will either fix someone else's life or to ruin it forever.
The story begins with the coming out story to Dylan's dad and to his friend Vince. The former accepted Dylan wholeheartedly.However, the latter changed the way he sees at Dylan. The coming out created a wide distance between them.
Dylan decided to go to the other side of the world to pursue his dream and to evade the bitter past.
After a decade, Vince met the woman of his dreams whom he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. Little did he know that this woman has connection with Dylan. The revelation shocked him that made him lose his sanity.
Dylan came to the scene. This time he had to bring back Vince' s sanity.He is now the psychiatrist of Vince who will do everything to cure his long lost friend


Tags: bxbseriousmysterygeniuscampushighschoolnaive
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A week of suspension was finally over. Dylan had prepared his things because he would be going to school tomorrow. He was behind from the lessons but he could easily catch up for sure.He just finished reading his lessons for tomorrow when a message popped up on his phone. It was a short message from Vince's mom telling him not to get close with ……


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