A Night with the Vampire King

A Night with the Vampire King


ZaneGreyxx Paranormal

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Kira was broken, in and out. Her parents died in an accident, she was in debt, and her f*****g fiancé cheated on her before their wedding. So she decided to forget her problems for a while and have FUN!

“Stop teasing me,” she heard him say with his fingers dug into her thighs.

Kira ignored the man and continued grinding her wetness to his. And before she knew it, he plunges his shaft into her without permission, making her cry in pain and pleasure.

It was the best night of her life. But she wasn’t expecting that the stranger she had s*x with was her f*****g BOSS! And as much as she wanted to hid and escaped from him, she just couldn’t.

The elevator door was about to close, and she almost stopped breathing. And when she thought she could escape, she's totally wrong. Just before the elevator door finally closed, her boss was already inside in a blink of an eye. She was left in awe.

What just happened?

“Trying to escape from me, my lady?" he asked in a deep baritone voice. The door closes behind him and they rid alone the lift.

Kira gulped nervously knowing that she’s trapped and she had nowhere to go to, especially when she had known the fact, that her boss was a vampire.

Oh my god! Did she just have s*x with a VAMPIRE?!

So she had a one-night stand with a vampire?!


Tags: possessivereincarnation/transmigrationpowerfulkingqueentwistedbxgWriting Academy
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