Risen from the dark

Risen from the dark


marmoodarlee Suspense/Thriller

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She is beautiful, rich, rude and haughty. He is poor, lonely and slippery. Mariah wonders why Adam does not fall on knees for her like most men do. She swears to get him on his knees and make him pay for his rudeness. Trying to know who this maverick, mysterious guy leads her into his mysterious life full of secrets. This is a journey into a world of romance, thriller and twists.


Tags: familyheir/heiresstwistedbxgmysterygeniuscitysecrets
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I found something on you

Carlos was a fat man with a rotund face and small rattlesnake eyes. His face was clean shaven, with small lips which  was comfortably holding a cigarette.

“ Dios mio! ( Oh my God)” He exclaimed. “  Que susto( What a surprise)! I remember you.” He said

“ Como te llamas(what is your name?)”

“ I don’……