Dark Fall

Dark Fall


xxAlter Suspense/Thriller

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No one could remember how that day even started but everyone knew how it ended. The day known to the people of Earth as Judgement Day, the day that ended, changed, and started, the lives of many people. The day the apocalypse came.

The skies burnt a fiery red and the Earth fell into an array of mass chaos as visitors from the heavens rained hellfire upon our blue planet.

When the first wave hit, mega-cities turned into ground zero as the invaders struck the heavily populated areas quickly and swiftly, exterminating as many people as they could before any proper response could be made, and by the time anyone could evacuate, there was too little of ‘anyone’ left.

Earth’s greatest nations couldn’t do anything as their defense and early warning systems hadn’t been able to detect the approaching threat until it was already too late.

Millions upon millions of human lives were snuffed from existence and yet all people could do was watch on or run away as the end of the world as they knew it, fell from the heavens.

Many lost loved ones on that day. Husbands lost wives, and wives lost husbands. Fathers and mothers had to watch their families die right before their eyes while children had to bear witness to their parents’ sacrifice as they tried to keep them alive.

This is a story about a young lad named Alex Crowe, a man cursed with having to live through such an age filled with strife and tragedy.


Tags: darkseriousmulti-characterapocalypsesupernature earthspecial abilityalien contactdystopianweak to strong
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Where It All Started (1)

The plane that was transporting Alex and everyone touched down just outside of New York City.

Ironically, it was the same place where he had been trapped and experimented on before. If Alice and her party hadn’t saved him, he would likely still be locked underground as an experiment for the scientists that had kidnapped him, ……


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