December Moon

December Moon

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"There are so many feelings you want to get back to. With books I want that ilight feeling back, that Harry Potter feeling-and RAVEN gives it! I'm so happy I get to look forward to a series that I love again"

"Refreshingly different from the usual YA novels"

”The excitement and tension and danger ramp up a bit more than the last book. There is still plenty of paranormal romance to go around with the cast of the original novel and a handful of new players."

What would you do if you found out you’re actually a descendant from a family of witches? And your best friend, who now lives on another continent, is in extreme danger from one of the world’s most evil vampires? Would you do everything in your power to keep her safe?

This is the very question December Moon must answer. But first, she must delve into her family history and find out the truth about who she really is, and where she comes from. Questions her quirky, yet dead, grandmother might be able to answer…

A great series for lovers of Maggie Stiefvater, Stephenie Meyer & JK Rowling.


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