Twenty Levels Scaling

Twenty Levels Scaling


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Is life fair? That is a big question many people ask themselves every day, from the day they are born. Some get born with incredible talent, that makes others kneel just by being near them, and others... Get a passive skill that helps them deal "1 Bonus True Damage in Melee range". Or this is most likely, just the case of the mysterious Ken... A loser that didn't get the luck of others, and got blocked at the starter level, with other incompetent fighters.
Twenty Levels Scaling is a book about the spaghetti lover Ken, that tries his best to get enough money for food, together with his unusual teammates, in this game like world!


Tags: comedyhumorousloserambitiousswordsman/swordswomanmagical worldhigh-tech worldspecial abilityMMORPGweak to strong
Latest Updated
Chapter 36: Mori Squad

"Never saw one of those?" says Kudo and points in their right. It was a huge monster that was demolishing the buildings
"I wish I never did that," says Ken scared

- - - "You gotta get used to it kid. This is what we are going to fight for the whole campaign. This and cultists" says one guy from the Mori squad
"Cultists?" ……


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