Misa Appiah Fantasy

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A demon known as Cora has been summoned to the mortal realm by a human named Aldrich Abram. He desires power and she wishes to remain in his world which she has not seen for a very long time. A strange fellowship soon gathers. Something is interfering with the natural order.
And Cora has much to learn and new experiences to explore ahead of her. When the time come will she be willing to leave?
And what does the strange being disrupting the natural order want? Cora will have to figure out who her enemies and allies are as she navigates a new and strange world of wonders and terrors.


Tags: murderdramagxgmysterydaemonfemale leaddemonanother worldsupernaturalwild
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Chapter Thirteen

“Did you expect to not have to pay for my services?” Rose asked. “Naturally there’s a price.”

“This is too important for such pettiness.” Luna said. “The natural order of life and death is at stake. Is your greed more important to you than that?”

“I don’t work without getting paid.” Rose said. “I’m a professional and you won’t……