Good Mate, Bad Mate

Good Mate, Bad Mate


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Book 3 of the Silver Moon Series
Bethany Braden grows up with the hopes of her childhood friend Jackson being her mate, but he ends up being the mated to her younger sister. Even though she casted the mate spell that she learned from her mum, Andrea, she knows staying at her home pack won't bring her any closer to finding her mate. Determined to find him, she leaves home starting her own journey.
When Bethany meets her fated mate, Alpha Darren Crowder, she believes her journey has come to an end. It's not until after she becomes fully mated to him, that she sees his true colors. After Darren continuously cheats on Bethany bringing her pain, Bethany finds out she is pregnant, and gets the courage to leave him.
Matthew Blake finds his true mate as soon as he turns 16, but loses her to a group of rogues, after only getting to be with her for a few years. Barely surviving the loss of his mate, he throws himself into his work as a pack doctor.
How will Matthew respond, when Bethany shows up in his clinic, looking for a doctor to oversee her pregnancy?
Will Bethany be able to move past the betrayal of her first mate, and find love with Matthew?
Will Matthew be able to look past the fact that she is pregnant with another wolf's pup?
How will Andrea react to the loss of her beloved James?
Will she remain at the Silver Moon Pack, or will she go back to the isted Moon Pack, for comfort from her bestfriend Jada, and fated mate Jesse?


Tags: kickass heroinepowerfulwitch/wizardtwistedbxgwerewolvespackabusecheatingspecial ability
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Bethany POV

    Being mated to Matthew was the best thing that ever happened to me.  He was such an amazing mate to me.  Not to mention, he was a wonderful father to our pups.  We ended up having two different sets of twins, on top of having Jameson, which gave us a total of two sons and three daughters.……