Human Blood

Human Blood


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Lexus Baudelaire belongs to one of the wealthiest families in Germany. Women who have seen Lexus described him as a prince because of his facial features that can make a girl fall in love by just seeing him. Despite it, there is a woman named Amelie Arrhenius that caught Lexus' heart, but it has a deep secret that no one knows about.

When Lexus became a vampire, he promised to himself that he will not love anyone else, he only wants one woman in his life, and that is Amelie. But because of her, he needs to find the woman in the prophecy.

Can Songnara Lopez teach a cold, selfish vampire to fall in love again? Or will he be blinded by his thoughts that Amelie is the only one he loves?

What if their love became Lexus' downfall? Can they fight for their love, or just choose what's good for both of them?

Baudelaire Trilogy: 1/3


Tags: billionaireforbiddenpossessiveescape while being pregnantpregnantkickass heroinestraightvampirebetrayalseductive
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