The Princess Blood Slave

The Princess Blood Slave


chaywrites Paranormal

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“I was told that you are a monster.” She gulped, her breath hitched when he had decreased the distance between them.
His face was void of any emotions but the tension in the surrounding stayed. “I am no monster. I am the demon.”

One wanted to die, the other wanted to live. What happens when their two different worlds collide?
Arth Margaux Wfauzhle had woken up in the lands of the vampires, the Vladyn Kingdom, without any knowledge of what had happened a week ago. All she knows is that she’s soon to be the wife of Prince Henrick but now, she’s stuck with a vampire.
Being told that she’s already dead, of course there was no way she could believe that rumor. However, now that she is in the Vladyn Kingdom that she didn’t even know existed, the rumor might be true.
With that in mind, she sets off on a journey to find out who had killed her and why she was still alive.
…only if she wasn’t a blood slave of the Demon Vampire Prince Jaeden Kingston and had no means of escaping from his captive.


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationopposites attractkickass heroineprincesstwistedbxgheavyvampireroyalslow burn
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A new chapter begins.

Arth Margaux Wfauzhle’s Point of View


Soon after a hand caressed my back, soothing the surging emotions that were coursing through my system. I did not even need to catch a glimpse to know who it was. Jaeden’s scent invaded my nostrils, making me aware that he was the ……


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