The Trials of The Alpha and His Mutt

The Trials of The Alpha and His Mutt


Chelly Jo Welch Romance

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Miya is living proof that just having a loving family isn't enough. Half human, half abomination, she has had to run from the supernatural community since she learned how to shift. Now, for her last year of high school, her family has lost their absolute minds, deciding Miya needs one regular year at a regular high school. Except, they've chosen the absolute worst place for it.
Crescent Ridge High School is nestled in the scenic Colorado mountains. It's remote location and difficult terrain have made it a prime location for a vampire coven and a werewolf pack. Hiding from both of them was bound to be difficult enough, but matters turn from 'difficult' to 'dangerous' when she meets her goddess-chosen mate.
Miya finds herself walking a dangerous tightrope. She'll need to hide who she is to survive, but what kind of life can she live when she has to hide from all the people she loves?
And what if there was a way to have everything she'd ever wanted?


Tags: HEfatedcurseconfidentheir/heiressdramabxgcampuspackStary Writing Academy IV-Young Adult/teen
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Riever POV

The day had been frantic, preparing Miya for her Luna Ceremony. While normally large celebrations and hosting is the responsibility of the Luna, I ran around the pack and ensured that everything was perfect. While it was customary to have white as a base color for the ceremony, I used plenty of orange to accent.



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