Air Hero

Air Hero


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In a world dominated by superpower and heroes. A young boy is aspiring to become one of the world's strongest heroes. But, what happened if when his ability is getting tested, it shows that he has no power whatsoever?

Suddenly involved in an accident, losing everything dear to him including hope, how will the young boy survive?

Will he still be able to become a hero without power? Or accepting the reality that he is just not special?

Follow the story of Max Air as he becomes the Air Hero.


Tags: studentsuperherotragedysupernature earthspecial abilityLitRPGweak to strongStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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Yann and Bonio

“Max, listen to me. I couldn’t do anything to protect you. The pressure I felt from them, not to mention they managed to set us up. I am afraid that they are at least two ranks higher than me. They should be B rank at least, but I believe they are closer to A rank.”

“Yuna, I mentioned it before. You could just abandon me if you could escap……