Mach: The Super Hero

Mach: The Super Hero

Jamie Whesker Paranormal Urban

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A separation of generations like never before seen. The balance of powers shifting in unknown ways. The geopolitical status quo morphing by the day.
Kids just wanting to live their lives.
One day, teenagers start gaining supernatural abilities all across the globe, seemingly at random. They are mostly impossible to predict, or accurately measure, when it comes to their numbers and abilities.
Many years later, a man with the ability to absorb memories set out to write a biography on a particular supernatural individual who witnessed it all from the start.
One who called himself Mach.
In this book, the writer tells the story of Mach, and of how the world was changed forever.


Tags: adventuredecisivesuperherodramabxghumorousrealistic earthcoming of agefriendshipsuperpower
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