The Princess Alpha And Her Enemy Mate (Season 1 Ep 1)

The Princess Alpha And Her Enemy Mate (Season 1 Ep 1)


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A girl named Veronica lived in a town call Sundale, She was fierce and the daughter of the King and Queen Alpha. She always wanted to be crowded Princess Alpha at the age of 18. She is apart of the Menace pack and her enemy Alexander (Xander) is apart of the rival pack(their other enemies)

"Mom do I have to go to werewolf school"? "yes Veronica you have been homeschooled long enough"
"Ugh this is ridiculous"
"look on the bright side, Amy and Max will be there"
"You do have a point"
"Go now before you miss the bus"
"whatever bye"!

Veronica wanted a little adventure instead of taking the bus, what can I say she a rebel.

"oh isn't this the rival side of town I took the wrong turn"
"well,well,well if it isn't Veronica"
"Oh it's you😒 I thought I smelt failure"
"What are you doing on our side of town"
"Alexander you do know I break rules right"?
"You act bad but you're just a poor little girl"
"Says the guy who listens to everything his daddy says"
"you didn't"!
"oh yes I did"
*Alexander eyes glow red and turns into wolf form*
"Stay away from her Alexander"
*grabs Veronica's arm*
"I know you're my best friend but I could have saved myself"
"You could have gotten killed"
"Are you scared Alexander and I will end up together and you like him 😉"
"I know I'm gay but I have taste"
"Whaaaat Alexander ain't ugly"
"girl seriously"
"your taste is weird max"
"not weirder that yours girl"
"come on let's get going"

*At school*
"sorry we're late Mrs.Diaz"
"It's your first day Veronica"
"I know I'm sorry"
"It's Okay"
"pssst, Amy"
"Hey girl where we you guys"
" in the woods, and guess who we saw"
"Omg girl tell me everything"
"He almost killed me though I could have defended myself if Max didn't show up"
"Class we have another new student apart from Veronica, meet Alexander"!


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*5 months Later*

"I'm so glad all of this is done and I can go back to my normal life"

Mom: "Yeah everything was tough but we got through it together"

"And today is already graduation day ? I'm so excited"

*At the graduation ceremony*

Principal:* talking on the mic*

*Other students ……


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