The song of Storm and Rose

The song of Storm and Rose


Willie Romance

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Even though there’s a Storm, the Rose remains standing.

Storm an Omega, and Rose, a Luna-alpha have been sworn enemies from childhood. From always competing against each other in class, to competing against each other in every single thing. Rose is on the road to avenge the death of her father, her murderer who is Storm’s father, the leader of the rival pack. Will she ever get the revenge she had always been chasing when she accidentally falls in love with the enemy, the son of the rival pack?



Tags: alphadominantdramatragedybxgwerewolvesmythologyenemies to loversstubbornDreame Love Story ContestSummer Update Programme
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Chapter Sixty- nine

“Are you all mad?! Do something!!!” Dominic raged on and on but no one moved a muscle. Robin was surrounded by Elliot and Dominic while Celina stood at a far off distance, watching everything play out.

“I can’t believe it! You managed to recruit Elliot and he handled it all that good?!”

“Who’s the better twin n……


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