The Wolf Prince And His Treasured Pixie

The Wolf Prince And His Treasured Pixie


Katie Haddad Fantasy

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*This book is part of Protecting The Hybrid Series. I highly recommend reading The Fae Prince And His Forbidden Mate prior to this book*
In a realm teeming with magical creatures, Ember, a small Pixie, holds incredible power.
As a result of being forcibly taken into captivity, she now stands as the sole survivor of her kind, forced to endure the harsh treatment and whims of one ruler after another who sees her as their own personal pet.
The tiny pixie, although unaware of her true power, was highly esteemed for her distinct and valuable abilities.
With the power of fire at his command, Alex, a prince who is a hybrid wolf, embarks on a grand exploration that spans across the entire realm.
The instant Alex discovered Ember, he felt an undeniable connection and knew she was his destined mate.
Despite the fact that the tiny pixie had been assigned the duty of spying on the wolf prince, she cannot resist her unexplainable attraction towards him.
Ember's sole chance of getting away from the grasp of the Troll King and evading any further capture is by wholeheartedly relying on this unfamiliar person.
On the horizon, there is a new war brewing for the light Fae Kingdom, and their adversaries are the Trolls.
Once again, the mighty King Damien and his beloved Hybrid Queen Luna will find themselves facing a formidable and treacherous adversary.
Ember and Alex may hold the key to victory, as their involvement could be the determining factor in their success.


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationHEfatedprincebxganother world
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Ember POV

4 years later

Forrest's joyful laughter echoed through the garden as he sprinted around, his cousins Storm and Sky eagerly joining in after coming home from school.

Beck, their energetic little brother, mirrored Damien's likeness, his eyes shining with admiration as he looked up to his older sibl……


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