Heart Broken, Bartered, But Loved

Heart Broken, Bartered, But Loved


Rebecca Waters Paranormal Urban

7347 reads

Alexandra Blake, daughter of Beta Blake of Blue Moon, hated by her father, cheated on by her boyfriend, only for her to uncover big secrets, when her best friend "dies". She decides it is best to run, with the secrets to someone who could help, only for her pack to come under attack, before she can leave. She breaks rules and goes to fight in the battle, only to discover that her pack's enemy, is her fated mate. Only for her mate to make a deal to take her. Will she be able to trust her mate in time for him to help her save the very people that she hold dear?
Alpha Nicholas Carter of Blood Moon runs the biggest and most feared pack in the country. He never expected the Beta of the pack he is investigating to attack one of his pack members, or to find his mate in that very pack. He must decide between wiping the pack out, or taking her and continuing his investigation, before he takes down that pack. Can he win her trust in time to stop the Alpha and Beta of Blue Moon's plans?


Tags: alphaHEage gapfatedshiftersubmissivebadboydramabxgWho Will Be Her Mates - 2023 Writing Contest to Win $57,900
Latest Updated
Chapter 62

Alexandra’s POV-

“Good morning, birthday girl. Wake up, my love, I have breakfast for you,” I awoke to the sound of Nicholas’ voice.

I stretched out, before rubbing my eyes, and sitting up. I took in a deep breath; I caught scent of the most delicious smell. I looked up and saw Nicholas holding a tray, with……


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